Dancing Downtown | Plus Size African Print Dress

A woman is never too old when it comes to the dance she knows. African Proverb

If earlier this week you saw a young lady dancing downtown in the rain, that was me! Thanks for all of the waves, horn honks, and smiles that were kindly given while I was being carefree and enjoying my photo shoot in downtown Tupelo. 

I boomeranged a couple of cute dances in my IG stories and was sent plenty of DMs about the Plus Size African Print Dress that I was wearing. I’m here today to spill all the details and give you the information on where to find this amazing dress. 


Zumba Convention 2017: Day 2 (Hip-Hop Turn Up and African Workout)

If you’re wondering why are the room keys pictured above here is the reason, Day 1 and over 30,000 steps on my Fitbit, you would have thought these keys opened the pearly gates of Heaven. The room keys were all I needed after Day 1 at Zumba Convention. 

Day 2 included Hip-Hop Turn Up and the African Workout. It was my first time taking both of these sessions, but being that I love Hip-Hop and African everything. I knew I was going to be crunk at both of these sessions. 


Mud and Magnolia Influential Women Luncheon| The Future is Female + Outfit Deets

When you pursue your dream, there is no telling how far you will go..

Audrea Self, WCBI News Anchor, and emcee of the luncheon graced the stage with one question. She said, Who run the world? And the audience screamed enthusiastically, GIRLS! There was no better way to kick off the very first Mud & Magnolia Influential Women luncheon. The room was full of GIRL BOSSES in Northeast Mississippi.  (more…)

Day Two of My New Orleans Getaway| New Orleans Natural Hair Expo

I wore this striped pineapple dress from Eloquii and I received so many compliments. Don’t forget to check out the Shop My Style Tab to see similar pieces…

Nothing in this world keeps me laughing like a good natural hair meme. I’m telling you the struggle is so real when it comes to my natural hair journey. I have been natural for seven years and when I started this journey I was so excited. I was a major product junkie and I spent several hours watching YT videos on how to achieve the perfect twist out. I big chopped in 2010 around the same time I started my fitness journey and washing my hair was a breeze when it was approximately 2 inches long.  (more…)



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Would you believe me if I told you that many women are having reconstruction surgery and then making money selling skinny teas, waist trainers, sweat belts, and so much more? If you are skeptical just take a glimpse at the picture below and read the caption. Rob Kardashian (Kim Kardashian’s baby brother) admitted to funding his girlfriends (Black Chyna) 100K surgery after giving birth to their baby girl. Nothing is really wrong with that except the fact that she pretending that all of the detox teas, sweat belts, and all the other products that she promotes is the reason she snapped back to her pre-baby weight so fast. (Read Rob Kardashian’s IG post below)


GUEST BLOGGER: Tiffany of “It’s Me Lady G”| My 2 Veggie Tropical Smoothie (Yup, It’s Got Red Cabbage & Celery Root In It)

Instagram is the place of millions of pictures and while trolling, I happen to meet a like-minded foodie by the name of Tiffany. Tiffany “It’s Me Lady G” Stuart is the owner and Editor-In-Chief of the lifestyle, beauty, wellness, and mommy blog.

Tiffany is a plant based, internationally published blogger, Huffington Post contributor, YouTuber, public speaker, organizer of several women’s groups in the NYC area, and soon-to-be certified holistic health coach.

Check her out on instagram @itsmeladyg (url link www.instagram.com/itsmeladyg) or on her blog itsmeladyg.com (url link:

My 2 Veggie Tropical Smoothie (Yup, It’s Got Red Cabbage & Celery Root In It)