#FitFridays I’m healthy but my city isnt..

Red, white, and blue sign to welcome travelers in Mississippi

I tried to think of a better title for this post but there is no better way to title it. It is what it is. If you are new to my blog I live in Mississippi, Tupelo to be exact, and if you do not know by now Mississippi comes in 3rd place as the fattest state in America (dropping down 2 slots from 2015).

Scrolling through Facebook a couple of days ago I noticed that a lot of my friends were excited that in a few months or whatever Dairy Queen was coming back to Tupelo.. Well, I almost blew my top because a couple of weeks prior to that KFC announced that they would no longer offer grilled chicken because there was not a demand for it!! No demand, I came through a couple of days a week when I did not meal prep or have time to prepare dinner to order the amazingly delicious grilled chicken, but I know I was not enough… Irate was not the word to describe what I was feeling at that time. I was bitter, but what did it matter. It’s the same reason why Atlanta Bread (a healthy sandwhich cafe similar to Panera Bread) closed its doors 4 years after opening in Tupelo. There is no market for healthy restaurants in Tupelo.

So i thought to myself, Chasi your options are at an all time low what are you going to do? Just because I am a plus size woman does not mean I eat horribly or that I love food that is extremely bad for my health.

(SN: I have lost over 110 pounds and love clean eating why else would I care to post something like this.. Lol)

So how am I going to stay motivated to eat clean here in the Sip?

(thinking out loud)

I can never lose with meal prepping. Cooking your food is the overall healthiest way to prepare because you know exactly what’s going in the dish?

When all else fails I do have Kroger and Walmart rotisserie chicken. (because we probably will never have a Whole Foods, Publix,  or Trader Joes here)

I must continue to smash on veggies because produce is key.. Vegetables (raw or cooked) are particularly rich in vitamins.

Make sure I drink my protein shakes regularly.. (unsweetened almond milk and berries only)

Be grateful for the few options we do have.. Juva (smoothie shop), Tazikis, Newks… I would surely be lost without them…

I’m just venting right now.. I needed to blow off some steam..

So how do you eat healthy? Do you live in a city that is health conscious? If not how do you make it work for you? If you are a Mississippi native (or you live in Tupelo), How do you feel about this issue? Comment below..






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