My truth about being PLUS and FIT!



I teach a dance fitness class every Tuesday and Thursday.. These are some of my sweethearts!!


It’s crazy because I use to be a complete slave to the scale. I was on that thing like once every hour. I was obsessed! I would wake up every morning hop on the scale and that would set the tone for my day. If the numbers were up my day was horrible and if the numbers were down it was the best day ever. Crazy Huh, #dontjudgeme!

Yep, I lost over 110 pounds however it was like I was striving for unrealistic goals and I thought that my happiness would be in some crazy size that I probably never would be. I hated my arms and big legs no matter how much weight was shrinking off of me. I complained everyday.

(SN: It’s crazy how we can be so caught up into ourselves so much that we do not take the time to simply thank God for the small things.. Someone maybe wished to be my size, or maybe lost their limbs in some tragic accident, and here I am being so ungrateful. On another note, the Bible says love thy neighbor as thyself. How can I love my neighbor and I do not love myself. How can I love anyone and I do not love myself?)

Everyone is not meant to be a size 2 athlete. My friends often laugh at me when I say this but, I was plus size at birth coming in at a whopping 9 pounds and some odd ounces, I was always the chubbiest girl in my class, and I was a plus size teen and adult. Guess what, Nothing was wrong with that. I have always been healthy, I have never had any issues with my health so I was good, no need to squeeze into something that was not meant for me.

A light bulb went off. 110 pounds down I was still considered plus size. My goals were accomplished.. under 12 minute mile (check), resting heart rate of an athlete (check), go up a flight of stairs without passing out (check), and be a person who would inspire women to love themselves no matter what size jeans they wore (check).

My truth is this… Fitness is not a size! I’m here to push the message that you can be FIT and PLUS regardless of what the masses preach. It’s no new age way of thinking it’s always been this way. It’s society that is sick. It’s our culture that is so misleading to make someone feel as if plus size women are lazy (AS IF, in my Cher voice from Clueless). It’s not true!! Some plus size women, such as myself are athletes, so stop the madness ok!

I’m here to encourage someone! Stop feeling like a complete failure because the number on the scale is not going down as fast as you would like it. Fall in love with healthy, Fall in love with the journey and trust the process. NO comparison, set achievable goals, smash them, and do it again.

My arms are chubby but guess what i love them because they are my arms,






  1. Kesha

    This is so awesome and such a motivation!!! Love women who encourage women and love the thought process behind this blog!!

  2. PEARL

    AWESOME SAUCE I am so very proud of you. This is so very inspirational you did it like a BOSS and with such BOLDNESS of character. Im truely proud of you #mommy


    I LOVE this!! I hope this message reaches hundreds of thousands of women.

  4. This was the best post I’ve read all day and I feel really uplifted and inspired now, despite the fact that about 10 minutes ago I was feeling very down and deflated.

    Seriously, such a body positive post and I need to read posts like this more often!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Thanks so much. I’m so happy you enjoyed it.

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