Unforgiveness Damages You, Not The Offender


I’m going to be honest. I was one of those who used the cliché, “I’m going to forgive, but I will never forget”. Like truly.. I totally forgave you but I was not going to forget how you used or mistreated me. I wanted revenge. I craved revenge. I know I’m putting all my business in the street but I want to be honest to help someone. I said, I forgave.. but never forget. So if the person who wronged me was having a hard time, wanted my help that would be the perfect time to get my revenge… I would reply.. Naw, cause remember when.. I did not forget, but I forgave you tho.

How can you forgive and not forget? That’s not possible. I realized that not forgetting was more of a burden to bear. So when I seen the face of my offender, I remembered. When I heard the name of my offender, I remembered. I remembered. I remembered. I remembered.

I wanted to forgive, and forget and have peace, because unforgiveness only damaged me. I forgave and still remembered and that was the torture. It’s torture to let someone control your mood by remembering the pain that they brought upon you. It’s torture hearing a person’s name and immediately thinking hateful things in your mind. It’s torture.

The torture of unforgiveness brings bitterness, stubbornness, sickness, resentment, and more. But it brings all of this on you not the offender. It’s a distraction to you not the offender.

Forgiveness is a process that does not happen overnight, but let the process take place. In the process of forgiveness you will receive your healing, peace of mind, and freedom.








  1. Kesha

    You are so right, I had learn to forgive. And after I started to forgive I felt so much better. Because I knew holding that in it would make me so bitter. But I thank God for growth.😍

  2. Candice Williams

    Agreed. Life should be free! Clearing your mind and truly forgiving gives us that freedom!

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