Independence Day


Happy Independence Day which is really National BBQ Day, yassssssss to all of the wonderful Uncles, Granddaddys, Husbands, or Cousins who have been putting in major work on the grill in this July heat.

It’s truly a blessing to be an American. I can say that from the bottom of my heart. My recent mission trip allowed me to see the condition of another country that allowed me to be grateful concerning the USA. I know we are not where we need to be as a country but we have came a mighty long way.



Here is some 4th of July outfit inspiration. Nothing beats a beautiful day with some shoulder action! I ordered this dress from Shein. This dress is so cute and comfy, and the tassels hanging from the waist and center gives it a little edge. My red flats are from Payless. They have a gold accent hanging from the center. Just simple and so easy to switch up.

How was your 4th? I’m still having fun managing jet lag and catching up on soooooo many things…

Happy 4th,


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