Police or Race Soldiers #BlackLivesMatter


Headlines are sweeping the nation with images of unarmed black men being killed by white police officers, and last night I went to sleep with the murder of Alton Sterling on my mind (praying for his children and family), and woke up to another traffic stop gone bad claiming the life of Philando Castile. Innocent blood being shed and simply for being black. But Why? Citizens executed in the streets of America by those who have took an oath to protect and serve.

It’s not you Black Men. It’s nothing that you have done. You can be the best driver, comply with all instructions, have empty hands, and you will still lose your life. A child was in the car. The police fired a shot while a child was in the car. It’s hard to articulate the burden that my heart feels today. And the biggest burden is to look in the eyes of my 2 boys (9 and 2) and tell my boys that they will not be given a fair chance and no matter what they accomplish in this life they are looked upon as scary.

Who will police the police? These police officers should be held accountable and until they are stopped nothing will change. No one should be given paid leave after he shoots an innocent man! If there are no consequences, Black Citizens in America will never be safe.

Let this soak in…  There was no conviction with Trayvon Martin, no conviction with Sandra Bland, no conviction with Eric Garner, no conviction with Mike Brown, no conviction with Freddie Gray, and the list goes on and on…

The battle is the Lord’s but the responsibility is ours. So what will we do to change this.. Money matters if our lives don’t! Remember the Montgomery Bus Boycott demonstrated nonviolent mass protest and successfully changed the Civil Rights Movement. Let’s take Action and stop this nonsense. #BlackLivesMatter #myboysmatter #myhusbandmatter



Signed as a woman who loves her men…



  1. CR Gaiter

    This ongoing issue has gotten VERY old. I pray for all the families of the victims and for this “free nation” as a whole. I, too, have a son and I fear for him because I know that he is not perfect and will make mistakes in life, but as an innocent child what am I to say so he’ll understand? What do I say when he asks why we’re being killed and not even doing anything except what the officer instructed? The only true answer would be “because we’re black,” & he’ll ask why is that so! #GODBLESSAMERIKKKA

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