The Big Chop Saved My Life (Hair vs. Health).. Few tips for relaxed hair workouts..

img_4457Is your hair stopping you from working out, and are you more concerned with your silky tresses than being fly on the inside. If not than I’m not here for you clearly, but this was always my concern with hitting the pool or the gym. The choice of working out and looking a hot mess by the head or skipping the workout. Ditching the workout was always the winner which led me to a miserable life of being obese (337 pounds).

I had a real obsession with what my hair would look like after the workout. Relaxers, blowouts, and press and curls were not cheap and I did not want to waste a dime. However, being unhealthy was costing me more money than a weekly trip to the salon could ever cost. Think about medical costs, fatigue, prescriptions, etc. I had to get it together quick. I’m sure I’m not the only one.. Let’s be honest here!

This is a topic that never gets old, and reason number 988,893 to go natural. I know, I know.. Everyone does not want to go natural. I truly did not. I worked out for maybe 2 months before chopping it all off. I did tho’ and the big chop was the number one reason I was able to workout without stressing about my hair. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but I began to embrace and love the journey that I was on. We must constantly remind ourselves that being healthy is far more important that a nice do.


So a few tips that kept my relaxed hair fleeky while I worked out was..

  1. Plait hair into small plaits and rock braid out the next day if your hair gets extremely to sweaty..
  2. Pull hair into a firm pony tail and use a sweatband to absorb most of the sweat around your hairline..
  3. Wrap your hair and tie it with a cotton scarf, and do not comb your hair down until all the sweat has dried in your hair.

These were some of the tips I used while working out with relaxed hair.

Never sacrifice your overall health because of fear of dealing with your hair. I had to learn the hard way. It’s ok to have hair goals but more important to have health goals.

What are some of your health goals? Is your struggle similar to mine? How does your hair play a role in all of this?

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