Strength in Numbers!! 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Apart of A Group Fitness Class


Gym time does not always mean fitness time. I started my fitness journey at the gym, Solo. I was clueless as to how to operate the different exercise machines, I didn’t know what to do on my first day, and I was slightly intimidated. It was like my first day of college. I was completely clueless.

I’m more of an extrovert. I’m very social, outgoing, and the life of the party at times, (ijs) so being alone in a workout was completely opposite of my personality. Maybe that was the reason I was dreading my workouts. I was so inconsistent, unfamiliar, and flat-out overwhelmed.

Does this sound like you: maybe a little, a lot, or in between?

Just keep reading I’ve got 3 reasons why you should try a group fitness class.

1) Stay Committed/Motivated.. 

Working out with a group helps you to stay more committed. You are developing friendships that inspire you to keep going.  It’s the connection and relationship you have with the group/new friends that will make you more responsible to show up. It motivates you to work harder and provides a combination of accountability and support in achieving your goals.img_2826

2) Go At Your Own Pace

You are allowed to burn calories at your own pace while keeping your heart and body fit. This is not “The Biggest Loser”, this is not a race. It’s all about you and what works for your body. Instructors will modify and show you what works best for your body. No one is down your throat about your speed and this is what I love the most about group workouts.

3) Fun Times

If something is fun you will continue to do it. Not only that when something is fun time fly while doing it, right. 1 hour will go by before you know it and you will be drenched in sweat.

I could name 1000 other reasons why, but I’m sure you’re already convinced.. Now Ready, Set, Go find you a group of ladies/men to workout with..

Yesterday's Zumba Crew.. I love the unity in this photo. We Love Each Other!

Yesterday’s Zumba Crew.. We Love Each Other!







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  1. Nay

    Fitness classes are definitely a good way to stay motivated or enjoy a workout when you want company.

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