5 Simple Ways That I’m Cutting Calories On Labor Day

If you’re a major #foodie, such as myself, then you know that nothing sabotages a clean eating streak like the holidays, especially when you’re home visiting your family, such as myself. I’m proud to say that I am an Alabamian, Decatur to be exact. The home of good barbecue and the mayo based convocation, WHITE BARBECUE SAUCE. It’s my fave. I can’t eat barbecue without it, but that’s a whole nutta’ blog post (Alabama White Sauce deserves its very own blog post) and by the way I’m here to tell you guys 5 simple ways that I’m cutting calories this Labor Day. 

1) I’m going bun-less. I’m selecting alternatives for bread this Labor Day. Thinking outside the bun is going to save me at least 200 calories and reduce my belly bloating. 

2) The deuces up to soda. Swapping soda for infused water or La Croix will save me 240 calories and boost my energy levels. Drinking soda increases my sugar cravings by the tons. I definitely do not need that! 

3) I’m going to be active. Every family get active with some friendly competition going on during the holidays. Whether it’s Volleyball, Kickball, or running the fields with your kids there is a way to be active. I will be up and moving around for a slight workout during all of the Labor Day festivities. The best workouts are the ones that are not planned. 

4) I will have a snack bag. Clean eating is all about preparation. You can never be caught slipping because the temptation is hard to escape. I always have a snack bag in my purse that contains nuts, fruit, and raisins. That makes it easier for me to resist that banana pudding. 

5) I will hit the veggies up. Instead of the amazing side items of potato salad, baked beans, etc. I will opt out for veggies or coleslaw. I overdose on the veggies so that I’m too full for dessert anyways. Lol

I will never starve myself in attempts to being a stick figure. I know by making small, manageable changes to my lifestyle, I can be as healthy as I choose. It’s totally up to me. Now it’s time to stay positive, relax, and focus. 

How do you cut calories? I would love to know? Leave me a comment! 

Happy Labor Day! 


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