Healthy Curves: 40 days ‘NO BREAD’ challenge



Everyone is up for a challenge right,

I have a wonderful friend name Faith who begged me to ditch the bread and to live a low-carb lifestyle. She promised me that I would feel better and not only that but my skin would shine like never before. I was like blah, blah, blah, but I gave it a shot, considering this has been her lifestyle for years and she has the glow to prove it. So I ditched the bread for 60 days last year and felt the best I have ever felt in my life. Fast forward to now I have went about 33 days without bread, but between my birthday and anniversary, I’ve gotten a little shaky in my low-carb faith (lol) but I’m back.

I wanted to make this challenge public to my readers as a group challenge. Here’s the tea, It’s more than no bread, it’s absolutely no sugar, nothing white, and only about 40 carbs per day. I’m going to create a private Facebook group so that we can share ideas and push each other through. You’re going to be shocked how much your body changes in 40 days if you commit to this challenge.

The challenge starts Monday, October 10th- November 18th.. (this will give everyone time to get in, time for grocery shopping, and fair well binges even though I do strongly disagree with those lol)

If you are down for the challenge.. Click the link to our private Facebook group.

Let’s do this together.. Team Healthy Curves!





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