Day 29/ Healthy Curves No Bread Challenge Updates



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So it’s been 29 days and tomorrow starts the 10 day countdown to the end of the “Healthy Curves 40 Days No Bread” challenge. I feel amazing. I’m in control and I can make better decisions without carbs haunting me in my dreams. This was not about weight loss with me. I am a body positive advocate and I believe that healthy comes in all shapes and sizes, but for the people who only understand in pounds I’m down 12.

Foods that have saved my life during these last 29 days are broccoli, humus, cauliflower (mashed and riced), and the food love of my life lily’s chocolate chips. Never in my life have I had so many options to eat bread. I’ve had more friends offer to buy my lunch in the last 29 days than in 33 years, but to be real I am craving strawberry pancakes (but I will make them the low carb way).

Most of all I have killed my bread addiction. It’s weird, but it works..

I’m so thankful for everyone that participated. This is only a start of what’s to come.

The next challenge starts December 1st. So enjoy Thanksgiving, and set new goals.

I would love to know how you guys are holding up? Comment Below!!

Got questions on how to join the next challenge?  Comment Below!!




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