Goals Not Resolutions: No Foolish Resolutions

It’s no doubt that some people love start dates. This is the reason many love the idea of starting a new diet on Monday, right. So it’s no doubt that with a New Year comes many many new resolutions. 

“We are losing the weight for real this year! We are saving money this year! We are going to be complete vegetarians this year! We are going to cook more and eat less fast food this year!”

Yep, and we do all of these. It really happens! And usually last about 2-3 months tops. Then once the freshness wears off, and the newness of the New Year is not new anymore, we are back into our old routines. 

We seriously can’t live like this for the rest of our lives. We can’t do this to ourselves.

My mantra is “Goals Not Resolutions”… 

Goals keeps me focused and attentive. I shift my perspective from negative to positive. Changing I will avoid all cakes and pies in the new year to simply I can have two bites of chocolate cake a week, helps my focus and motivates me. 

You know when you tell yourself what you cannot have it’s like you automatically want it 10 times more. So stop that! Treat yourself… 

Baby steps are a must. You must realize that it takes patience to make a change and setting unrealistic resolutions will only frustrate you more. If your goal is to be more active in 2017, commit to 3 days of exercise or walking a couple of days a week instead of running the Boston Marathon. I know you have heard the famous quote, “Rome was not built-in a day”. Remember important work takes time. 

So instead of making a resolution that is unrealistic, you need to set a goal that is actually attainable in the time frame you set for yourself. 

Most importantly, remember to love yourself more in 2017, because self-love will empower you to create a better year. Honestly we cannot make long-lasting changes and improvements in our lives until we are comfortable and happy with ourselves. 

You are beautiful!! 






  1. Kawanna

    Thanks!! It makes life so much more do-able!!!

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  4. I call them goals too! Great post.

  5. I really have to work on myself. Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. This was a great read!

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