Mixing Prints for Beginners

Happy Memorial Day!! 

Today I opted out of the red, white, and blue to make a bold statement and mix a couple of prints for the first time. I know that it’s springtime and we all are crushing on florals and pastel colors, but black and white is always so classic and it never goes out of style. 

There are sooooo many rules out there for mixing prints and it’s super tricky too! I started very safe with picking two items from my closet that were the same color. Black and white is always easiest, and it’s a start if you’re a beginner like myself.

This black and white jumpsuit I’m wearing is from Gwynnie Bee. Gwynnie Bee is a online subscription service for plus-sized women that provide the ability to swap the latest fashions and top brands freely.

 Click here for a free 30- day trial.

The black and white pumps are a pair of my favorites, and are by Christian Siriano for Payless. These shoes sold out extremely fast, and thanks to my sweet cousin I got the last pair in Starkville. Click here for a similar pair of pumps

Sometimes patterns can clash or be too much, so adding a solid in between gives the eyes time to focus. I added a solid black faux leather wrap belt that I picked up last year from Lane Bryant. I added this belt to break up the polka dots in the jumpsuit. Click here for similar faux leather belt.

Confession: I broke my favorite pair of sunnies and my oldest son let me borrow his shades from the Color Vibe 5K (I have a blog post coming soon about that 5K experience). Plus, I didn’t have the time to scout out some amazing landmark for my scenery. These photos were captured in my sweet neighborhood. You know real life happens sometimes, my nails are chipped, my couch is full of laundry, and my house is semi-clean and it’s ok! 

To all my mommies and girl bosses out their making it happen, You Go Girl! Enjoy your 3-day weekend!! 

Do you like mixing prints and if so what’s your favorites? How do you style them?




  1. I’m trying to get into print mixing! You did it with ease <3

  2. Faith

    Yes to this entire look! I love the mixed prints!

  3. You look amazing. Love the jumper!

  4. Joy

    This jumper is everything and alluring!

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