The Transition of Chasi | Mali Music Album Review


IG caption: The scale is not always the measuring stick. Take notice of your NSV’s. A major NSV for me is running long distances. 7 years ago, I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like I needed an oxygen tank, now I can run 3-4 miles and live to tell. The scale can not measure my endurance or me getting stronger. The scale is not a measuring stick for self-worth! You got this!!!

A few weeks ago on Instagram I posted a picture about how the scale was not the measuring stick for weight-loss. The picture I posted had my DM’s buzzing, so I decided to go into detail about this post. One person asked me did I have weight-loss surgery which kind of made me upset, but I had to realize that some are new followers and do not know the background behind my 116 pound weight-loss journey. My transition was all natural, however I faced many obstacles during this journey which caused me to focus more on Non Scale Victory’s (#NSV) than numbers on the scale. The biggest setback was when I knee surgery due to a torn meniscus, and on top of that bulging varicose veins resulting in vein surgery. It was crazy!! So this is why I use all my energy to push women to look beyond the scale because when life happens (and it definitely will) relying only on the scale will leave you defeated and hopeless. Stay focused on what your body can achieve regardless of size. I love being curvy, which is a shocker to most. I ditched the scale and watched my body do some pretty amazing things. 

Thinking about how I could write this post I was listening to Mali Music’s new album, “The Transition of Mali” and so many songs applied to me. Check out a few and my mood while listening. I couldn’t list all of my favorites because the whole album is amazing. 


Bow Out: The most captivating chorus that you will ever hear, and the reintroduction of Mali and his true self.

“Whoever you want me to be is out there somewhere, whoever you trying to see you can probably find on Twitter”

Mood: Be unapologetic about your uniqueness. Always stay true to yourself even if others do not understand. Stay confident and humble. Authenticity is contagious. 


Gonna Be Alright: This song is a collaboration of so many genres. Inspirational, hip-hop, and a guaranteed push of motivation. 

“I got a song to sing and it’s a song about hope for you, it’s a song about faith. “I see all that you are going through and it’s going to be alright”

Mood: Everything will come together, maybe not today, but eventually it will. Just be patient. Wait your turn.


Loved By You: feat. Jasmine Sullivan: Mali has a much softer side, and this is my favorite love song right now.

“Now when I say take your heart, I’m not talking robbery I’m talking lot of talks and texts the calls to be”

Mood: Love can lighten you, whether it be from a companion or self-love. 


My Life: Mali is so transparent and relatable in getting his point across in this song and it’s easy to jam to.

“It’s sad cause we been fronting so long now we don’t even know how to start on being real”

Mood: Accepting hard truths can help you grow so much faster.


Worth ItThis song is a wave of motivation and Mali is so consistent with his message of positivity. 

“It’s always worth it you can get up and try again”

Mood: No matter how noisy opposition is, always push yourself to rise above it, no matter how many times it takes. It’s always worth it in the end!

This album is so beautiful. If you love inspiring and soulful music you will not be able to stop listening. 












Are you appreciating Mali’s growth? How do you feel about his transition?







  1. This album is the best of 2017 thus far! I love Bow Out!

  2. Transition of Chasi is a most needed post! Great read.

  3. Faith

    You look amazing! I will definitely be checking this out!

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