Independent Women| No Longer A Slave to Low Self-Worth

All the women who independent “throw your hands up at me”. All the mama’s that’s clocking dollars “throw your hands up at me”..

I know that today will be patriotic for most but today I wanted to shout out all the women who are going over and above to get things done in this busy world that we live in. You deserve a shout out, “You are so fabulous”!

Self-love is always the best love, before self-love came into my life I was a slave to low self-esteem, fear, and rejection. I was completely lost and unaware of all of the magic I was able to produce by loving me and it took years and years to overcome all of this. 

Healthy is more than picky eating and working out. It’s more than what we consume and digest in our bodies. What you think about in your mind and how you treat your body is a major part of being healthy. You can’t be the perfect plant-based foodie, who is running off of 3 hours of sleep or the “Vegan” who frowns in the mirror. If you are not thinking positive at all, but working out 5 days a week, you’re not as healthy as you think. Wellness is so much more than fitting into a certain body type (you know I can’t say this enough), it’s a combination of so many things.. relaxation, lots of water, meditation, lots of sleep, and positive thoughts.  

My journey to self-worth was not easy and sooooo very painful. No confidence, and it showed in everything and every area of my life. My warped sense of self-image had my emotions all over the place and pretty much I was depressed but able to function. I was a slave to low-self esteem. 

I was bound with a low opinion of myself. Self-esteem is only the trust and faith that you have in yourself. I had no faith in myself and I focused way too much on failure and what others thought about my decisions. I can really go on and on! I wanted to share to let you know that there is no magic formula or magic person to fix all of this, it all starts with you. 

My outlook now on myself has changed so much and it has created a life of purpose and creativity for me. I can live an adventurous life knowing that even if I fail it’s part of growing and better than not trying, right. I can create memories and have joy that is unexplainable. 

It’s real independence and the best health-regimen that I can offer myself daily. I’m so much better because of it. The feeling is true freedom. I can love others because I love myself. 

You can worry or live! Pick one and don’t look back!

Let go of doubt, worry, fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, and anything that makes you feel unworthy. Embrace true independence and freedom. 

Shirt: Target/ Skirt: Eloquii/ Shoes: Ross Dress For Less (Similar) Headwrap: Maria Paulina








  1. Yes self love! And I loooove this look!

  2. Thanks so much Jeanne!

  3. Love the message. Can I please please please have that fan?!

  4. Faith

    This look is so cute! Love the head wrap!

  5. This is a must read! So many WOC can relate to this!!!

  6. Joy

    Self love is vey important! Great read!

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