Zumba Convention 2017: Day 2 (Hip-Hop Turn Up and African Workout)

If you’re wondering why are the room keys pictured above here is the reason, Day 1 and over 30,000 steps on my Fitbit, you would have thought these keys opened the pearly gates of Heaven. The room keys were all I needed after Day 1 at Zumba Convention. 

Day 2 included Hip-Hop Turn Up and the African Workout. It was my first time taking both of these sessions, but being that I love Hip-Hop and African everything. I knew I was going to be crunk at both of these sessions. 

Me after Day 2, I told you right.. lol


Here is my Zumba Convention 2017 Day 2 experience in photos and a few videos! 

This was my first time in Hip-Hop Turn Up and I’m telling you for sure it was my favorite session. Gina and Dahrio are amazing presenters, not only that they are dance/marriage goals. This couple show beyond doubt, that having a big family should never stop you from living your dreams. They have 5 children and they are traveling the world dancing and simply rocking it. This session took me back to growing up in the 90’s with crisp choreo, old-school songs, and flavor. 


Gina and Dahrio

Gina rocking it out and dancing with so much passion and flavor!

Check out the videos below.. 


It was also my first time “Entering the Jungle” with Ricardo and his brothers. This session was highly interactive and I learned tribal and modern choreography from Mali, Angola, South Africa, Senegal, Mauritius, and so much more. I took a deep journey into Africa and this experience was truly unforgettable. 

African Workout (Enter The Jungle) presenters Ricardo, Micheal, and Jean-Noel Marmitte.

My phone battery was depleted by the end of the African workout, so I had no footage of the experience, however if you are in the North Mississippi area you can come to my classes to experience these African moves. I teach every Tuesday and Thursday at 6PM. I promise you will be addicted!! 

Just me dancing, sweating, and in my happy place. 



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