Organic Baby Food: Little Spoon Review

Meet my 3-year-old son, Tylan..

Did you know that most kids’ eating patterns develop at a young age?Poor eating choices when young can set infants and toddlers on a road to poor diet and nutrition into adulthood. I’m sure that most of my bad eating habits started as a child and for this reason, I’ve always promoted fruits and vegetables to my little ones. I believe that fresh is always best, and my goal as a mother is to develop my toddler’s taste buds at an early age and prevent him from bad eating habits. I received a packaged from Little Spoon which I was extremely thrilled to have fresh, organic, and non-GMO snacks for my little man.

Little Spoon makes fresh baby food with certified organic and non-GMO ingredients, and it’s delivered right to your doorstep. Little Spoon uses wholesome ingredients specifically designed for your sweet baby/toddler. Being that my little man is a toddler we used these vibrant combinations during snack time. Tylan’s favorite blend was pea pear mint, and my favorite was apple. Yes, I tried it, and it was as refreshing as an apple off a tree. It wasn’t extremely sweet like most applesauce, but clean, fresh, and satisfying.

“Your babies food shouldn’t be older than your baby”, right! The ingredients in baby food jars are often unknown. Most are filled with preservatives to extend the amount of time they stay on supermarket shelves and we have no idea how long that stuff has sat on the shelf before we get there to purchase it. Little Spoon “Baby Blends” are all natural with no fillers, so when your package arrives it must be refrigerated immediately and consumed within 14 days after delivery.

I love Little Spoon, they are “Brilliant” for the idea of fresh baby food delivered, and not only that but they encourage your baby to eat with a spoon. Sucking food out of a pouch does not teach your baby oral and motor skills related to chewing, and every container comes with a little spoon. Your little one can start practicing chewing when introduced to solid food. I love it!

I have the quality and convenience without compromising. This is every busy mom’s dream. Nutritious and just what my little man needs. I love my children and my job is to give them the best. Thanks so much Little Spoons.

If you are interested in more information, you can visit their website at to request an invite and be added to the waitlist. Once signed up, you can pick the foods that best fit your little one’s lifestyle and they will be shortly delivered to your home. Follow Little Spoons on Instagram here, and Facebook here.




  1. Curves To Go

    This is a cool concept in that they offer delivery service.

  2. Thank you for sharing. My little guy will love this!

  3. Vivian Sinya

    Thanks for this I’m going to tell my sis in law about these products for her little ones.

  4. Love he flavor palettes here! So bomb and justbin time for back to school!!

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