34 Reasons To Love You Now | For My 34th Birthday

There is no elevator to success you must take the stairs. Unknown

Many of us love to be lavished with presents, money, and recognition for our birthday (this was me too), however nowadays making memories with my family and friends is where I find my happiness and peace.

 I’m really growing up because I can remember back when I would run out the room with tears being empty handed on my birthday (ask hubby he knows all too well). Don’t judge me, if we are going to be friends you must know my hard truths too, right! 

I spent this past weekend in New York for New York Fashion Week + The Curvy Con and my one of kind friends celebrated me with a super fancy NYC style birthday dinner. I was shocked, full of emotion, and so grateful that God allowed me to meet genuine women who love me enough to make my 34th birthday one to remember. You guys went beyond the call of duty. I love y’all to the moon and back. 

I was so happy! I’m grateful for Carla, Toya, and Ashley..


My gift to myself was the most breathtaking homemade facial ever, and it was ooooh legit. S/O to Neutrogena Facial Scrub and my old facial massager. Self-care is the best care!

Now as the end of my birthday draws nigh, I wanted to leave you with 34 reasons to love yourself. It’s been a journey for me to love the skin I’m in, and I wanted to encourage you to love yourselves unconditionally NOW not LATER!





1.  Because are inspiring someone even though you may not realize it..

2.  Because life is too short..

3.  Because when you love yourself you gain power that you never knew you had.. 

4.  Because when you love yourself it’s contagious, others will love you..

5.  Because there is no such thing as perfection..

6.  Because you deserve the best even from yourself..

7.  Because God has plans for you..

8.  Because no one is you and that’s your superpower..

9.  Because no one has your smile..

10. Because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.. 

11. Because beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, you are the beholder.. 

12. Because happiness isn’t size specific..

13. Because to wish that you were someone else is wasting the person you are..

14. Because negative thinking creates a negative life..

15. Because hating yourself is a waste of time and energy..

16. Because loving yourself helps you to forgive others..

17. Because when you love yourself you are incapable of hating others..

18. Because you are beautiful..

19. Because you are the G.O.A.T.. (Greatest of All Time)

20. Because you are so talented..

 21. Because charity begans at home, How can you expect love from others, if you do not love yourself..

22. Because there is no other you in the whole wide world..

23. Because fear is false (False Evidence Appearing Real)..

24. Because you can not please everybody..

25. Because social media is “The Bow Wow Challenge”..

26. Because God said that everything that he made was good, “That includes you”..

27. Because some people will not like you no matter what you do..

28. Because “mommies” your children are watching you and taking notes..

29. Because you have invested in everyone else now invest in yourself.. Loving yourself means investing in you..

30. Because you don’t need others to validate you..

31. Because you are valuable..

32. Because you are powerful..

33. Because diamonds that have flaws still shine.. 

34. Because now you have no excuse not to.. 



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