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34 Reasons To Love You Now | For My 34th Birthday

There is no elevator to success you must take the stairs. Unknown

Many of us love to be lavished with presents, money, and recognition for our birthday (this was me too), however nowadays making memories with my family and friends is where I find my happiness and peace.

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Day Two of My New Orleans Getaway| New Orleans Natural Hair Expo

I wore this striped pineapple dress from Eloquii and I received so many compliments. Don’t forget to check out the Shop My Style Tab to see similar pieces…

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GUEST BLOGGER: Tiffany of “It’s Me Lady G”| My 2 Veggie Tropical Smoothie (Yup, It’s Got Red Cabbage & Celery Root In It)

Instagram is the place of millions of pictures and while trolling, I happen to meet a like-minded foodie by the name of Tiffany. Tiffany “It’s Me Lady G” Stuart is the owner and Editor-In-Chief of the lifestyle, beauty, wellness, and mommy blog.

Tiffany is a plant based, internationally published blogger, Huffington Post contributor, YouTuber, public speaker, organizer of several women’s groups in the NYC area, and soon-to-be certified holistic health coach.

Check her out on instagram @itsmeladyg (url link or on her blog (url link:

My 2 Veggie Tropical Smoothie (Yup, It’s Got Red Cabbage & Celery Root In It)

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The Transition of Chasi | Mali Music Album Review


IG caption: The scale is not always the measuring stick. Take notice of your NSV’s. A major NSV for me is running long distances. 7 years ago, I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like I needed an oxygen tank, now I can run 3-4 miles and live to tell. The scale can not measure my endurance or me getting stronger. The scale is not a measuring stick for self-worth! You got this!!!

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