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Mixing Prints for Beginners

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Mother’s Day Tea Party with a Body Positive Message

This past Saturday, I had the honor of being invited to speak at the annual Mother’s Day tea at Sandhill Missionary Baptist Church in Baldwyn, MS. This day was filled with inspiring music, fashion, gifts, amazing food, and tributes dedicated to the nurturing and loving, guiding and pushing women who has taken on the task of motherhood.

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A Year of Many Firsts 2016

Hello beautiful,  I hope that you had an amazing holiday and that you were able to enjoy the people that you love the most. I was surrounded by family and friends and blessed tremendously. I couldn’t have asked for anything better, however, I can not believe that we are days away from 2017. Can you believe it?

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Blushing in #MyTupelo 

I love this Magnolia Tree located at the Lee County Courthouse.

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone had an amazing weekend. Can you believe it’s almost Christmas and it’s still warm in Mississippi? Unbelievable, right! 

I know that everyone is gravitating toward big chunky knit sweaters, but here in Tupelo the temperatures have not dropped drastically so it’s barely coat season here. 

Sooooo what do you do when you want a layered look but it’s not cold enough for one? I have the answer!! You grab a perfectly, casual-styled, mock-layered sweater and jeggings from Lane Bryant. You can make it look as if you’re wearing two different shirts without all the bulk and with ease. This sweater is perfect for the days you want to be casual and fab. 

Pairing blush and pink colors with white or dark wash jeggings is a great way to rock your neutrals and soften up your winter wardrobe. Add a pastel pink coat, nude flats, or a blush bag and you will feel cozy, feminine, and pretty.   

Oh! I almost forgot….. I can’t leave without telling you guys about my awesome time with Mud & Magnolias (a lifestyle magazine born in Mississippi that explores our way of life and highlights the best parts of the South). The photographer Lauren Wood is so creative and talented with the camera. I really enjoyed our session and I’m so excited about my feature in the Health Edition this January. Click the link to see more about this magazine and subscribe so you don’t miss anything. 

Xoxo, Chasi 

My Plus Size Story: 3 Tips To Help You Walk Into 2017 With More Confidence


So I don’t know if I have given you the whole spill about being a plus size kid but I’m going to fill you in.

I was born weighing 9 lbs, 10 oz (that’s pretty much what I would call a plus size baby, lol) and most of my years as a child I remember squeezing into my big cousins clothing (who at the time was maybe 15 or 16), and I was only about 9 or 10 years old. I’m estimating I could have clearly been younger than that.

My teenage years I remember shopping for my Easter dresses at Lane Bryant, which at the time was the old woman store) and wearing a size 16 in high school I was the biggest in my circle of peers.

In college, My weight skyrocketed to a 24 and this was my size pretty much until I made up my mind to live a healthy lifestyle.

Today, I am proud to say that I am a size 18 and I have never felt better about myself. I’m truly confident in my own skin, so when I received emails about self-esteem, I was very inspired to write this blog post.

Most of the time the way women love/view themselves is based on how the opposite sex responds to them. Women always feel better when the opposite sex thinks that they are attractive. Think about it our culture has become so superficial wanting to appear flawless to appeal to the opposite sex. However, what if the opposite sex does not think you are attractive? What if you do not get the ego boost and extra love from that male in your life? What if you are single with no male in your life? What do you do? Do you continue to wait for someone to think you are good enough? Let me answer that real quick, NO!

Self-confidence and self-love comes from within. “Self-esteem begins and end with you. The more you know about yourself, the less moved you’ll be by the opinions of others.” (B. Dilley)

So here are 3 tips to help you walk into 2017 with more confidence.img_6599


The words that we speak everyday shape our reality. So if we constantly talk about the things we hate about our bodies we will eventually hate our bodies. Think about this garbage belongs in a garbage can. You are not a garbage can so do not fill your mind up with trash about yourself.


God created you with beauty and purpose. God created only one you (that’s pretty awesome). No one has your DNA or fingerprint. You’re special. God created us to be purposeful. You have talents and someone needs you. Someone is waiting on you to inspire them. Follow your dreams.


We have all been guilty of this. We compare our lives, homes, cars, business, kids, etc. Comparison traps are the recipe for failure. Comparison is the biggest liar that screams you will never be good enough. Comparison is a joy thief. Always remember that your story, your journey, and your process is unique to you.

Start changing the way you see yourself today and watch it work! Start saying positive things to yourself and watch it manifest.

Did you join my #HealthyCurves 22 days of FITMAS challenge. Today is the last day to join. If you want to join click the pic, log into your FB, and join. healthy-curves-with-chasipresents-1

I also hopped on the #blogmas train meaning that I will be posting a new post every week in December. Yay!!








Day 29/ Healthy Curves No Bread Challenge Updates



This suede jacket is the perfect twist to any fall outfit. Details and Link is on my IG @chasijernigan.

So it’s been 29 days and tomorrow starts the 10 day countdown to the end of the “Healthy Curves 40 Days No Bread” challenge. I feel amazing. I’m in control and I can make better decisions without carbs haunting me in my dreams. This was not about weight loss with me. I am a body positive advocate and I believe that healthy comes in all shapes and sizes, but for the people who only understand in pounds I’m down 12.

Foods that have saved my life during these last 29 days are broccoli, humus, cauliflower (mashed and riced), and the food love of my life lily’s chocolate chips. Never in my life have I had so many options to eat bread. I’ve had more friends offer to buy my lunch in the last 29 days than in 33 years, but to be real I am craving strawberry pancakes (but I will make them the low carb way).

Most of all I have killed my bread addiction. It’s weird, but it works..

I’m so thankful for everyone that participated. This is only a start of what’s to come.

The next challenge starts December 1st. So enjoy Thanksgiving, and set new goals.

I would love to know how you guys are holding up? Comment Below!!

Got questions on how to join the next challenge?  Comment Below!!



Healthy Curves: 40 days ‘NO BREAD’ challenge



Everyone is up for a challenge right,

I have a wonderful friend name Faith who begged me to ditch the bread and to live a low-carb lifestyle. She promised me that I would feel better and not only that but my skin would shine like never before. I was like blah, blah, blah, but I gave it a shot, considering this has been her lifestyle for years and she has the glow to prove it. So I ditched the bread for 60 days last year and felt the best I have ever felt in my life. Fast forward to now I have went about 33 days without bread, but between my birthday and anniversary, I’ve gotten a little shaky in my low-carb faith (lol) but I’m back.

I wanted to make this challenge public to my readers as a group challenge. Here’s the tea, It’s more than no bread, it’s absolutely no sugar, nothing white, and only about 40 carbs per day. I’m going to create a private Facebook group so that we can share ideas and push each other through. You’re going to be shocked how much your body changes in 40 days if you commit to this challenge.

The challenge starts Monday, October 10th- November 18th.. (this will give everyone time to get in, time for grocery shopping, and fair well binges even though I do strongly disagree with those lol)

If you are down for the challenge.. Click the link to our private Facebook group.

Let’s do this together.. Team Healthy Curves!




Police or Race Soldiers #BlackLivesMatter


Headlines are sweeping the nation with images of unarmed black men being killed by white police officers, and last night I went to sleep with the murder of Alton Sterling on my mind (praying for his children and family), and woke up to another traffic stop gone bad claiming the life of Philando Castile. Innocent blood being shed and simply for being black. But Why? Citizens executed in the streets of America by those who have took an oath to protect and serve.

It’s not you Black Men. It’s nothing that you have done. You can be the best driver, comply with all instructions, have empty hands, and you will still lose your life. A child was in the car. The police fired a shot while a child was in the car. It’s hard to articulate the burden that my heart feels today. And the biggest burden is to look in the eyes of my 2 boys (9 and 2) and tell my boys that they will not be given a fair chance and no matter what they accomplish in this life they are looked upon as scary.

Who will police the police? These police officers should be held accountable and until they are stopped nothing will change. No one should be given paid leave after he shoots an innocent man! If there are no consequences, Black Citizens in America will never be safe.

Let this soak in…  There was no conviction with Trayvon Martin, no conviction with Sandra Bland, no conviction with Eric Garner, no conviction with Mike Brown, no conviction with Freddie Gray, and the list goes on and on…

The battle is the Lord’s but the responsibility is ours. So what will we do to change this.. Money matters if our lives don’t! Remember the Montgomery Bus Boycott demonstrated nonviolent mass protest and successfully changed the Civil Rights Movement. Let’s take Action and stop this nonsense. #BlackLivesMatter #myboysmatter #myhusbandmatter



Signed as a woman who loves her men…