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Curvy Con Look #2 + Recap


I’ve had so many people asking did I try to match “The Curvy Con” theme for this year and the answer is not at all. It just kinda happened.

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Day Two of My New Orleans Getaway| New Orleans Natural Hair Expo

I wore this striped pineapple dress from Eloquii and I received so many compliments. Don’t forget to check out the Shop My Style Tab to see similar pieces…

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Mother’s Day Tea Party with a Body Positive Message

This past Saturday, I had the honor of being invited to speak at the annual Mother’s Day tea at Sandhill Missionary Baptist Church in Baldwyn, MS. This day was filled with inspiring music, fashion, gifts, amazing food, and tributes dedicated to the nurturing and loving, guiding and pushing women who has taken on the task of motherhood.

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TCF Style Expo 2016



So it’s been a minute and it’s been crazy over my way, however I did not forget to fill you guys in on my road trip to attend The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo hosted by Marie Denee. Marie Denee is popular for her blog “The Curvy Fashionista” and Instagram hashtag #tcfstyle and the TCF Style Expo is where all of this curvy amazingness came to life.


This is Marie Denee. She is the blogger behind and the visionary behind The TCF Style Expo.

The event was an amazing fashion experience for curvy women. So much shopping, pictures, and inspiration. I’ve never attended an event that made me proud to be a plus size woman or an event strictly for plus size women. What truly blew me away was seeing the faces behind blogs that I have been reading, following, and supporting for years.

Kim Postelll the blogger behind Kim is one of my favorite bloggers. She is transparent and one of her passions is helping new bloggers create their own lane.

Kim Postell the blogger behind Kim is one of my favorite bloggers. She is transparent and one of her passions is helping new bloggers create their own lane.


I wanted to be cute and comfortable for this event because it included lots of walking (outside and inside). I wore distressed denim jeans from Charlotte Russe and I placed a small cuff at the bottom of my jeans so that my shoes would be the star of this show, lol. I wore the red and white muse button down shirt from Lane Bryant. This shirt was extremely sheer and it kept me cool in the Atlanta heat. I completed this look with strappy heels that were also from Lane Bryant. I shopped a good bit so that means I was pretty comfortable.. lol



Did any of you go to the TCF Style Expo? I got a chance to meet sooooo many friends. Thank you so much for reading..


My Humbling Journey to Sri Lanka


Every year my husband travels to do ministry in Sri Lanka with Latter Rain International Ministries, MY

Latter Rain International Ministries is a 501c3 Christian organization dedicated to serving others. The main focus of LRIM is to spread the Gospel and provide basic necessities to those in need. (I linked the website if you would like to know more about LRIM).

I was honored that God allowed me to be a part of this year’s team as praise and worship leader. The Lord inspired me so much with this opportunity that I had to share it with you guys…

For me to leave my boys behind was extremely uncomfortable and the first time I had ever stepped foot in an airplane I was flying over 20 hours. Extremely uncomfortable. I could tell by the way I was feeling that it was time to step up.  It’s all or nothing. God often test our hearts by asking us to serve in ways that makes us uncomfortable in order to make another persons life better. The service can be far more than anything you could ever imagine.

I was inspired by the women in Sri Lanka. These women are one of a kind.. humble, hard-working, and so beautiful. The culture of Sri Lanka is one of a village, everyone work together to help. The women are not looking to be promoted but to be honored and the way these women show honor is by serving. Unselfishness and virtue is what these women demonstrate daily.


This is Maria. She is Pastor Isreal’s wife. Most services she was home cooking for all of the guest. She made sure we all had fresh food immediately after service.

The food is so pure and natural, nothing is tampered with. Meaning if you are eating chicken, it is pure ol’ farm raised chicken.


curry chicken, rice, green beans, carrots… We also had homemade flat bread and fried chicken with this meal that is not pictured..

The churches are made of mud with little to no electricity. Some churches with no building assemble outside (similar to a tent revival) with no tent. Church here is definitely not a fashion show. It’s not where you come to be seen or flaunt your newest hairstyle. Do to the small minority of Christian churches in Sri Lanka, most of the churches do not have baptism pools, so baptisms are usually done in rivers, creeks, or in the Indian Ocean. Upon entering the building you must take your shoes off and sit on the floor reverencing God and the holy ground that you are standing on. After service you must stay to eat fresh bananas, biscuits, and have hot tea. It’s their custom to always be hospitable and to make sure that you are refreshed before leaving their presence.



Pastor Isreal and Pastor Marqcus baptized 14 believers in the Indian Ocean.

Pastor Isreal and Pastor Marqcus baptized 14 believers in the Indian Ocean.


After every service the people would bring us hot tea, bananas, and cookies..

After every service the people would bring us hot tea, bananas, and biscuits..

This trip was for me to see first hand what it is to have a true servant’s heart. God calls us to have a servant’s heart. So whether you are ushering, washing feet, behind the scenes, or singing praise and worship God sees it all as a big task. There is no limit on what God will do for you, if you use what he has given you to help others. Are you willing to serve?

Whoever wants to be great must become a servant. Mark 10:43 (MSG)









Vacation and Facts of Life

Life is a Beach


Spring Break is here and I am thoroughly enjoying this time. If you did not know I am an educator and I have 2 boys. Spring Break is the time that the entire family is off for vacation.

My fave place to unwind is the beach. I love the weather and the view is just amazing within itself. Creole food is definitely my favorite and I feel as if I’m in my natural habitat when I’m anywhere on The Gulf Coast (Mobile, New Orleans, Gulfport, or Biloxi).

The hubby captured a few shots of me on the beach in my aztec tunic from a couple of summers ago. A good tunic is a closet must-have. I picked it up at Southern Roots, a local boutique in Tupelo.  It’s one of my most comfortable pieces that i enjoy during the summer/spring. On cooler days I add skinnies and booties.

To add some interest to this look I accessorized with a headband, bangles, and oversized hoop earrings. I love mixing prints so I also added a leopard scarf.

All of my accessories are from last summer except my headband and earrings. The headband I picked up from It’s Fashion Metro. The earrings are from Forever 21.

So much fun in these pictures.. How are you enjoying Spring Break?

Xoxo, Chasi