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Fail or Holy Grail: LA Colors Matte Lipstick Review

Yep, I’m a lipstick junkie and let me start by saying this, Dollar General gives me my whole life! I’m in there for something almost everyday. The way many people feel about Walmart I share the same vibes with DG. Whether I’m getting toys for my 2 year old or toiletries it is the place to be for me, anyways. No matter what drugstore I visit it’s a must to shop the makeup isle. Walgreens, DG, Family Dollar, CVS, and the list goes on and on. I will buy makeup from absolutely anywhere. I’m not bougie and saving dollars is what I’m all about these days.

Browsing the makeup isle in DG, I noticed that LA Colors have released new matte lipsticks. I am not very familiar with the LA Colors product line, but I’m a makeup enthusiast and I could not walk away without picking up 3 colors that caught my eye from the very start. Added Bonus they were only $1.50 and the shades are stunning..

Here are swatches of the colors I picked up.

(From Top to Bottom) "In Love" "Entice" "Femme"

(From Top to Bottom)
“In Love”




LA Colors Matte Lipstick in the Shade “In Love” This is the perfect nude lippie and I love it!!

Honestly, I was not expecting the best lipstick of all time simply because they were only $1.50 per tube. This is not a bad lipstick at all. I was very shocked with the pigmentation and the long lasting power of this lipstick. The formula is non-streaky which is a major plus, but I would not label this lipstick a matte because of the cream finish. I love the cream finish because it does not stain and is also easy to remove. This lipstick glides on sooooooo smoothly. The packaging looks very cheap and the lipstick does not roll all the way down so you would definitely have to watch it when closing up. This formula is long lasting however if you are going to be out for a while you may need to throw it in your bag to reapply after eating. The shades are soooooooo beautiful… Let’s just say for what I paid, I am extremely impressed.

I would definitely say this will be one of my go to products. I’m going to stamp it as one of my “Holy Grail” drugstore lipsticks because I have more reasons why I love this lipstick than hate it! Plus it was only $1.50! So if you love adding character to your beatface honey with a banging lipstick. You will love this!

Have you tried the new LA Colors Matte Lipsticks? If so what is your favorite shade? Tell me so I can go check them out…






Why I switched back to my Polar after gaining 20 pounds with the Fitbit!

image image

Before we go anywhere let me say this really quickly, Setbacks are real, but sometimes your setback may be a setup. That’s what I thought anyways. Lol.  In the last few months I have had a lot going on with my body that has had me on the “sick and shut in” list. Just to go ahead and give you the scoop, I had knee surgery last year in October and varicose vein treatments in both legs in March. So for approximately 3 months I was out of commission, but not really. My Fitbit game was strong, but hold up. I have a confession. In all of this I gained about 22 pounds.

My Fitbit (glorified pedometer) had become my new companion and I was clocking 10k (sometimes 15k) every day. So how was I gaining weight?  I had major fitness watch frustration going on. While my steps were accurate Fitbit was wildly generous when it came to my calories burned and this is how I packed on extra pounds. I honestly thought I was burning more so I ate slightly more to refuel my body.

This year Fitbit is facing lawsuits over accuracy of its fitness monitors. Here’s the link for those who want to check it out (Taking the pulse of Fitbit’s Contested Heart Monitors). And to prove that the readings are far fetched I wore both my Fitbit and my Polar FT7 Watch yesterday as I took a brisk walk giving a legit example and showing the inconsistencies in the Fitbit alone.

I walked for 52 minutes. Fitbit recorded that I burned 589 calories walking when my Polar only recorded 332 calories. That is an extra 257 calories that just magically appeared. That’s far from the truth and think about if a person thought that they burned an extra 257 calories 5 days a week. That equals 1285 calories given to you by mistake. Not cool Fitbit! So I had to go back to the only thing I knew long before Fitbit was ever mentioned… and that was the Polar Watch.

I started my health journey about 4 years ago and the first fitness watch I invested in was the Polar FT4 Watch.  At that time it was the most accurate training device. It includes a chest strap that measures accurate heart rate. 6 weeks ago, I went back to my Polar because it gave me continuous workout guidance with no hiccups. Today, I only use my Fitbit for steps calculated and daily activity because I love that it converts my steps into miles. The Polar Watch is my cardio accessory for vigorous workouts. 

I wanted to be transparent and share this with my readers who possibly have been thinking about investing in a fitness watch. Everything is not for everybody. Choose your fitness watch specific to your health journey and that only. 

Do you think the Fitbit is as fit as people think? Do you own a Fitbit? If not, Which fitness watch do you use and why? Comment Below…


My Favorite Makeup Dupes for High End Makeup


I’m a makeup enthusiast and I can spend hours in Sephora, Mac, and Ulta, but you know what comes with that extra coins that I do not always have. Makeup is Life.. Yasssssssssss, but in reality makeup is expensive and if you are anything like myself you can appreciate a good bargain right. Ask yourself this question, If I could find a great mascara that is $5 would I continue to splurge and spend $25 on Urban Decay Peversion Mascara (that is my favorite mascara but I did find a dupe for it)?

Are you ready to stalk your drugstores makeup isle… Here’s the products to look for:


My Snapchat family knows that this is one of my faves. The NYX Studio Perfect Primer is the perfect dupe for under $15. They both are thick and smooth and fill in pores without leaving a greasy mess behind. If I had to choose which one I absolutely love it would be the first primer in the pic. “NYX for the WIN” (btw follow me on Snapchat: sweatinmascara)




Do you want a strong eyebrow game? Believe it or not less is definitely more! This is a knockout and there is really no competition when it comes to Ruby Kisses Liquid Eyeliner Gel it’s only $4 dollars and works just as amazing as the top brow gels and pomades. I use it daily and I promise you my brows are always popping. The dupe wins again!!



Sometimes I go for a look that requires less time and makeup and this is when I pull out my highlighters. They are perfect for brow bone definition without concealer. I also place highlights in the corners of my eyes to give a bright and fresh glow. The matte end of the Milani Brow and Eye stick can be used as an eyeshadow primer or concealer under the brow bone. 2 in 1 baby for only 6 bucks I guess you already know that Milani wins this round.





I’m one of those girls that use to wear MAC Studio Fix Foundation everyday and everywhere.. to the grocery store, to work, to baseball games, to church, to shop, to workout. I know it’s pretty bogus. So imagine how many bottles of MAC I went through at the price of $27.50. Chile, that stuff ain’t cheap (excuse my country grammar). I was strolling through Walgreens and notice the Maybelline Fit Matte and Poreless foundation, gave it a shot, and now I’m hooked. The finish is dewy and smooth plus it gives me a natural look. I tried the stick version of this foundation last week and I love it too. Maybelline over MAC, call me crazy but it’s the name that many are in love with when it comes to MAC. Dupe wins again..





Concealers are great for any kind of scar, blemish, dark circles, hyperpigmentation, or any imperfection. And with that sometimes comes a pricey tag. I found a dupe at my local beauty supply store. LA Girl Pro Concealer HD has a formula that is creamy and lightweight and it does not crease. This is one of those products that I buy in bundles. It’s a must have and it would be tragic if I didn’t have a backup. This concealer is life and it’s my fave over MAC. I promise! Dupe wins again..




On everything, I’m not about to pay $20 for a sponge. That’s my mindset when it comes to the Beauty Blender and no one can talk me out of it. I was about to spend $20 in Sephora and when I seen how small the Beauty Blender was in person I thought to myself this is like throwing $20 in the garbage. The lady who was assisting me at Sephora said, The Beauty Blender may look small but it expands once it is placed in water. I didn’t care about non of that. I went to Ulta and picked up the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge Set of 2 for $9 and I promise they are great. So I can’t sell you on this because I have never owned a Beauty Blender, however I love my dupe and my makeup is always flawless when I use it.. #Facts





Now it’s about to get real. I am dangerously in love with the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and I would never think anything in the drugstore could come close to it. My eyelashes are invisible and 2 applications of this Urban Decay magic brought me out to falsies length. I refused to buy anything else. I was content and satisfied until I decided to talk about dupes on the blog. I grabbed the L’Oreal Voluminous Manga and it gave me healthy looking lashes. My lashes were not crunchy or clumpy (I did experience clumpy lashes with Urban Decay Perversion Mascara) and the formula was super black exactly how I love it!! Yep, I chose the dupe again..


So what’s the score..

DUPES 6/ HIGHEND MAKEUP 0 (and that’s because I couldn’t sell you on the Beauty Blender)




Now go tear up the drugstore!

Do you have any dupes that you love? Leave me a comment so I can try them out…





My Mother’s Day wishlist 2016


Mother’s Day is almost here and I wanted to put together a little gift inspiration for my husband… Lol!! I’m joking! Maybe.. Maybe not!! I see wishlist all year around for the holidays and I wanted to give it a try to show you guys some of the things I am intrigued by or that I love, and possibly to give you some gift ideas. I am a firm believer of treating yourself for your hard work and being a mommy is not an easy job, but the rewards are countless. One of my biggest priorities in life is to be a great mom. And while all the gifts in the world are lovely, the truth of the matter is, I’m really happy with being Tristan and Tylan’s mom. Even with the meltdowns, anxiety, tantrums, and endless cleaning I couldn’t ask for anything more than my 2 boys.

Mother’s Day Wishlist 2016 Items…

1. Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum Spray’  (Every woman needs a signature fragrance. I love the smell of flowers and dousing myself in this scent makes me feel happy and confident.)

2. Quilted Faux Leather Crossbody (These bags are so chic and great for spring. I love the black and white it’s so minimal and goes with just about anything. The perfect size not too big or small. The perfect fix for a small bag and so stylish. Did I say perfect?)

3. Asics Women’s GT-1000 3 Wide Width Running Sneakers from Finish Line ( I have wide flat feet. I love Asics because they run in wide sizes. Most training shoes run narrow. These shoes are perfect and feel amazing. 

4. Mum Coffee Mug (What Mom does not run off of coffee? I love coffee (hot and cold) and I have a slick addiction to coffee mugs. I love this one. Mum is so Motherland to me. I love all things African.)

5. Roses.. From anywhere  (I love flowers because they are beautiful so simple.)

What has given you the most joy as a mother? Comment below…

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mothers..