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Harem Jumpsuit


I have already proclaimed my love for jumpsuits to you guys. So many of you wanted details on the Harem Jumpsuit that I wore on Labor Day and I’m here to deliver the scoop, Honey.

Back in the 90’s, MC Hammer hit the scene with a very light version of Harem pants and he called them Hammer Pants. I had a pair and I remember to this day that I loved them (cool kid, lol). I can’t remember how I styled them, but I do remember them being comfy and flashy, as some would agree to be a true statement today.

This Harem Jumpsuit is from Amazon. I am a true size 18 and a large fits just fine. So remember to go down a size when ordering. I paired this jumpsuit with a pair of ankle gladiators that I bought from an online thrift shop for curvy women, Cats Closet. Cats Closet offer really affordable pieces of clothing for plus size women.

I’m so in love with this look because it’s easy to transition into fall. Add a duster and some booties and you’re ready for a fall. So if you are loving this look click the links that I have provided for you.

How do you feel about Harem Pants? Do you love or hate them? Comment Below..






Fail or Holy Grail: LA Colors Matte Lipstick Review

Yep, I’m a lipstick junkie and let me start by saying this, Dollar General gives me my whole life! I’m in there for something almost everyday. The way many people feel about Walmart I share the same vibes with DG. Whether I’m getting toys for my 2 year old or toiletries it is the place to be for me, anyways. No matter what drugstore I visit it’s a must to shop the makeup isle. Walgreens, DG, Family Dollar, CVS, and the list goes on and on. I will buy makeup from absolutely anywhere. I’m not bougie and saving dollars is what I’m all about these days.

Browsing the makeup isle in DG, I noticed that LA Colors have released new matte lipsticks. I am not very familiar with the LA Colors product line, but I’m a makeup enthusiast and I could not walk away without picking up 3 colors that caught my eye from the very start. Added Bonus they were only $1.50 and the shades are stunning..

Here are swatches of the colors I picked up.

(From Top to Bottom) "In Love" "Entice" "Femme"

(From Top to Bottom)
“In Love”




LA Colors Matte Lipstick in the Shade “In Love” This is the perfect nude lippie and I love it!!

Honestly, I was not expecting the best lipstick of all time simply because they were only $1.50 per tube. This is not a bad lipstick at all. I was very shocked with the pigmentation and the long lasting power of this lipstick. The formula is non-streaky which is a major plus, but I would not label this lipstick a matte because of the cream finish. I love the cream finish because it does not stain and is also easy to remove. This lipstick glides on sooooooo smoothly. The packaging looks very cheap and the lipstick does not roll all the way down so you would definitely have to watch it when closing up. This formula is long lasting however if you are going to be out for a while you may need to throw it in your bag to reapply after eating. The shades are soooooooo beautiful… Let’s just say for what I paid, I am extremely impressed.

I would definitely say this will be one of my go to products. I’m going to stamp it as one of my “Holy Grail” drugstore lipsticks because I have more reasons why I love this lipstick than hate it! Plus it was only $1.50! So if you love adding character to your beatface honey with a banging lipstick. You will love this!

Have you tried the new LA Colors Matte Lipsticks? If so what is your favorite shade? Tell me so I can go check them out…