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My Humbling Journey to Sri Lanka


Every year my husband travels to do ministry in Sri Lanka with Latter Rain International Ministries, MY

Latter Rain International Ministries is a 501c3 Christian organization dedicated to serving others. The main focus of LRIM is to spread the Gospel and provide basic necessities to those in need. (I linked the website if you would like to know more about LRIM).

I was honored that God allowed me to be a part of this year’s team as praise and worship leader. The Lord inspired me so much with this opportunity that I had to share it with you guys…

For me to leave my boys behind was extremely uncomfortable and the first time I had ever stepped foot in an airplane I was flying over 20 hours. Extremely uncomfortable. I could tell by the way I was feeling that it was time to step up.  It’s all or nothing. God often test our hearts by asking us to serve in ways that makes us uncomfortable in order to make another persons life better. The service can be far more than anything you could ever imagine.

I was inspired by the women in Sri Lanka. These women are one of a kind.. humble, hard-working, and so beautiful. The culture of Sri Lanka is one of a village, everyone work together to help. The women are not looking to be promoted but to be honored and the way these women show honor is by serving. Unselfishness and virtue is what these women demonstrate daily.


This is Maria. She is Pastor Isreal’s wife. Most services she was home cooking for all of the guest. She made sure we all had fresh food immediately after service.

The food is so pure and natural, nothing is tampered with. Meaning if you are eating chicken, it is pure ol’ farm raised chicken.


curry chicken, rice, green beans, carrots… We also had homemade flat bread and fried chicken with this meal that is not pictured..

The churches are made of mud with little to no electricity. Some churches with no building assemble outside (similar to a tent revival) with no tent. Church here is definitely not a fashion show. It’s not where you come to be seen or flaunt your newest hairstyle. Do to the small minority of Christian churches in Sri Lanka, most of the churches do not have baptism pools, so baptisms are usually done in rivers, creeks, or in the Indian Ocean. Upon entering the building you must take your shoes off and sit on the floor reverencing God and the holy ground that you are standing on. After service you must stay to eat fresh bananas, biscuits, and have hot tea. It’s their custom to always be hospitable and to make sure that you are refreshed before leaving their presence.



Pastor Isreal and Pastor Marqcus baptized 14 believers in the Indian Ocean.

Pastor Isreal and Pastor Marqcus baptized 14 believers in the Indian Ocean.


After every service the people would bring us hot tea, bananas, and cookies..

After every service the people would bring us hot tea, bananas, and biscuits..

This trip was for me to see first hand what it is to have a true servant’s heart. God calls us to have a servant’s heart. So whether you are ushering, washing feet, behind the scenes, or singing praise and worship God sees it all as a big task. There is no limit on what God will do for you, if you use what he has given you to help others. Are you willing to serve?

Whoever wants to be great must become a servant. Mark 10:43 (MSG)










Unforgiveness Damages You, Not The Offender


I’m going to be honest. I was one of those who used the cliché, “I’m going to forgive, but I will never forget”. Like truly.. I totally forgave you but I was not going to forget how you used or mistreated me. I wanted revenge. I craved revenge. I know I’m putting all my business in the street but I want to be honest to help someone. I said, I forgave.. but never forget. So if the person who wronged me was having a hard time, wanted my help that would be the perfect time to get my revenge… I would reply.. Naw, cause remember when.. I did not forget, but I forgave you tho.

How can you forgive and not forget? That’s not possible. I realized that not forgetting was more of a burden to bear. So when I seen the face of my offender, I remembered. When I heard the name of my offender, I remembered. I remembered. I remembered. I remembered.

I wanted to forgive, and forget and have peace, because unforgiveness only damaged me. I forgave and still remembered and that was the torture. It’s torture to let someone control your mood by remembering the pain that they brought upon you. It’s torture hearing a person’s name and immediately thinking hateful things in your mind. It’s torture.

The torture of unforgiveness brings bitterness, stubbornness, sickness, resentment, and more. But it brings all of this on you not the offender. It’s a distraction to you not the offender.

Forgiveness is a process that does not happen overnight, but let the process take place. In the process of forgiveness you will receive your healing, peace of mind, and freedom.






My truth about being PLUS and FIT!



I teach a dance fitness class every Tuesday and Thursday.. These are some of my sweethearts!!


It’s crazy because I use to be a complete slave to the scale. I was on that thing like once every hour. I was obsessed! I would wake up every morning hop on the scale and that would set the tone for my day. If the numbers were up my day was horrible and if the numbers were down it was the best day ever. Crazy Huh, #dontjudgeme!

Yep, I lost over 110 pounds however it was like I was striving for unrealistic goals and I thought that my happiness would be in some crazy size that I probably never would be. I hated my arms and big legs no matter how much weight was shrinking off of me. I complained everyday.

(SN: It’s crazy how we can be so caught up into ourselves so much that we do not take the time to simply thank God for the small things.. Someone maybe wished to be my size, or maybe lost their limbs in some tragic accident, and here I am being so ungrateful. On another note, the Bible says love thy neighbor as thyself. How can I love my neighbor and I do not love myself. How can I love anyone and I do not love myself?)

Everyone is not meant to be a size 2 athlete. My friends often laugh at me when I say this but, I was plus size at birth coming in at a whopping 9 pounds and some odd ounces, I was always the chubbiest girl in my class, and I was a plus size teen and adult. Guess what, Nothing was wrong with that. I have always been healthy, I have never had any issues with my health so I was good, no need to squeeze into something that was not meant for me.

A light bulb went off. 110 pounds down I was still considered plus size. My goals were accomplished.. under 12 minute mile (check), resting heart rate of an athlete (check), go up a flight of stairs without passing out (check), and be a person who would inspire women to love themselves no matter what size jeans they wore (check).

My truth is this… Fitness is not a size! I’m here to push the message that you can be FIT and PLUS regardless of what the masses preach. It’s no new age way of thinking it’s always been this way. It’s society that is sick. It’s our culture that is so misleading to make someone feel as if plus size women are lazy (AS IF, in my Cher voice from Clueless). It’s not true!! Some plus size women, such as myself are athletes, so stop the madness ok!

I’m here to encourage someone! Stop feeling like a complete failure because the number on the scale is not going down as fast as you would like it. Fall in love with healthy, Fall in love with the journey and trust the process. NO comparison, set achievable goals, smash them, and do it again.

My arms are chubby but guess what i love them because they are my arms,




3 Reasons Why God Allows Trials and Tribulations


In my life I did question God a bit. I wondered why things were a certain way. I thought, Does God care about me? Why is this happening to me? I am doing everything right. Why am I being placed in such hard times if God loves me? We all have thoughts like this no one is exempt.

The closer I got to God the more temptation, persecution, and feeling of loneliness I suffered. The more I was trying to do right, the harder it was to do right (deep sigh)…  I compared it to this analogy.. The more weight you lose the harder it is to lose weight, but you don’t quit right? You train harder, work more, and you become a winner. It’s the same way with God, my trials were training and instead of me looking at them with a hopeless attitude I was compelled to pick myself up through adversity and move forward.

Here’s 3 reasons why God allows trials and tribulations..

1. Sometimes we suffer because of our OWN MISTAKES.. Let’s go ahead and nip this in the bud (country grammar). In my life a lot of things I could have avoided if I had of listen to the right voice in the first place. Let us stop blaming God for our mistakes and take responsibility that we were wrong about some things that got us into some bad situations and thank God that he covered and protected us in all of shenanigans, Right… 

A person’s own folly leads to their ruin yet their heart rages against the Lord. Proverbs 19:3

2. PRIDE is a terrible thing. Pride brings self-destruction. When we think we have it all together. Life spins out of control. Things get chaotic.. God brings tribulation to make us more HUMBLE. 

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6-7                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

3. God wants to develop our CHARACTER. I know this may sound odd. How does going through a trial develop ones character. The key is in this scripture below… 

 Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;  perseverance, character; and character, hope.  And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.    Romans 5:3-5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

You can not win unless you play the game. The game requires work, pain, and struggle. You can not come out victorious unless you fight the battle. The battle is hard, frustrating, and painful. The development of your character requires suffering. We must allow our trials to transform our mindset. The pupa (a caterpillar inside the cocoon) is in a dark place. It is isolated. When this transformation is taking place the pupa is not in a comfortable situation, however when it comes out its transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Allow your trials to transform you into something beautiful. 

This is a note to myself to stay encouraged through it all. Building a ministry with my husband is not the easiest thing I have ever done in my life, but I know that this is God’s will for my life and instead of kicking against the prick I’m finally embracing the calling that he has upon my life.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Smile God loves you,


Created by God/Hacked by the Enemy


When we look around, we are aware of criminals lurking to take from us for financial or personal gain. We are always proactive about identity theft. We create passwords, shred information, and we are always on guard for our privacy. We do not want to become victims of identity theft, but what about spiritual identity theft…Whether you believe it or not everyday our identities, that were given to us by Our Creator, are under attack by our spiritual enemy who will use any strategy to make us slip and lose passion in our walk with God. The enemy wants to steal our desire for God, because he know that if he can take that away the rest is history. Satan has a strategy to destroy you! #FACTS

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. (Be focused and serious because the enemy is sneaky and wants to destroy you.) 1 Peter 5:8

A while back the enemy was about to destroy me.. My identity had been snatched, I had become so consumed by life that I did not have time to glorify God. I constantly made excuses for not having enough time for God, before long my life had become toxic and drained by hanging out with people who did not value me. I had become addicted to hurt and I kept running back to relationships that were causing me so much pain. It did not take long before my thirst for God had become dry, and I had let the enemy creep in and steal my identity! I felt worthless and I had been robbed of my self-worth, purity, self-esteem, freedom, and that’s just to name a few. He had taken control of my thoughts and actions and I allowed it. I allowed it so no need for sympathy… I allowed it and it was my job to take my authority back!

Do you find yourself in the words that you are reading? Do you feel as if the enemy has taken your identity and you want to be identified with Christ again. I just want to let you know that you’re not alone in this journey. Can I tell you something? You have the authority to take back everything that the devil has stolen from you through our Savior. I don’t know what he has stolen from you. I know at one time in my life the enemy stole my peace and self-esteem, but once I surrendered my life to Christ, the new struggle began with the unfailing love and forgiveness covering my relationship with God. Stop being ashamed of your past, the failures, mistakes, & toxic people you allowed in your life.  Your Spirit is suffering and this is the reason you feel drained and like life has no meaning. However, you are the only one who can solve it. Surrender right now to God. You can be free today. You can look in the mirror and love yourself again. Regardless of your size, color, hair texture.. You’re beautiful. God made you to be a Queen. This is why you can not have any and everything.. You are chosen and you deserve the very best!! The struggle is real but losing your identity is death to your Spirit. Take it back by force…  You are FAR too precious, beautiful, intelligent, and courageous for that. God desires your everything.

The only true freedom is in Christ alone.. Everything else is a counterfeit!

xoxo, Chasi



Dear Body,

“I owe you an apology. I’ve always looked down on you because of your size and not your ability. I’ve taken you for granted. I’m sorry for being so careless and oblivious concerning you, because you have always been beautiful. I just wanted man to say it when God had already said it.. Now let’s start over.”

It’s easy to think that if we were taller, smaller, prettier, skinnier, smarter, older, had thinner noses that we’d be secure. We think that all of these things could make us feel more valuable. But the truth of the matter is, even women who “have it all” still struggle with feeling like they are not good enough.

We must get our good enough from God.. Our real identity is tied to who our Heavenly Father is… As women we need to stop looking at the false image of what the world portrays, and look at the picture of what we are in God’s eyes.

When we embrace the fact that God who sees, knows, and created everything fully accepts and loves us unconditionally, we need not to fear rejection or failure ever again.

It’s time to go and regain the confidence that God wants for you.

Start today replacing every negative thought that you have had about yourself with the Word of God.. Let the miracle of God’s perspective change the way you see yourself..


Do you know what the Word says about you..


You Are Beautiful,


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